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Streetscape Mailbox Installation Instructions

Streetscape Mailbox Installation Instructions

METHOD 1 - using prefabricated base. (Installation bases are not required for mailbox pole installation and are designed to be fabricated in advance of these instructions)

(anchor bolt installation)

Dimensions: 3”H X 12”W with 4 anchor bolts
Model Number: SI-014
  • STEP #1   
    Mark pole center location 20” behind curb face
    (Mailbox door will be 9 1/2 to 11” behind curb face)
    (Confirm distance with postal carrier)
  • STEP #2
    Dig hole (Refer to drawing)
    (Use installation base to mark ground)
  • STEP #3
    Insert installation base in hole
    confirm base is level, 1” above surface
    Remove installation base
  • STEP #4
    Mix concrete/sand/water
    Fill hole with concrete to 1 1/2 “ from top
  • STEP #5
    Insert installation base in hole
    Confirm anchor bolts are parallel with curb
    (Allow concrete to set)
  • STEP #6
    Mount mailbox pole to base using back access door
    (Mailbox to left, parallel with curb)
  • STEP #7
    Mount custom address sign (if applicable)
    Mount Mailbox

METHOD 2 - Using quickcrete.

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