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Marvelous Mailboxes & More
About Us

How We Began...

One day, back in 1994, Barb and several of her friends were sitting around the kitchen table cutting coupons when one of Barb’s friends mentioned how difficult it was to find a decent mailbox for her home. She thought “someone” should start a business that carried QUALITY mailboxes; not the flimsy plastic or common junky ones. That gave Barb the idea to begin “Mahvelous” Mailboxes! in 1995.

Barb did lots of research and found that attractive mailboxes were all the rage in California, Texas, the deep South and the East Coast.  However, the frugal Midwest was a bit behind. She felt her friend had an excellent idea: a business offering something that everyone needs. Since there are successful businesses out there that just “do fingernails”, something as practical as a mailbox store should do just fine. Barb's hunch was right!

In the mean time, Barb was hired as a mail carrier by the Post office. Due to an injury, her career with them didn’t last very long, but she was there long enough to learn what mail carriers like and dislike and what is allowed and not allowed in regards to mailboxes. She received an excellent education on Postal Regulations.

Working her business out of her home for about 2 years while driving school buses for the steady income it provided, Barb decided to get a website built. Every month new items were added. Then came an opportunity for her to fulfill her lifelong dream of opening up a retail store, which Barb did, in the Historic Village Centre of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. That first location at 500 sq. ft. was not very large, but now there is a combined 3,000 sq. ft. showroom with office and warehouse space.  In 2007 the name was changed to “Marvelous” Mailboxes & MORE! to avoid confusing those who don’t know who Billy Crystal is.

As of 10-15-2015 we are 100% On-Line, and no longer have a "showroom". As always, you may still place orders via phone or the web site. To place an order in person, please make an appointment.I am located near 20th & Lincoln on Milwaukees South Side. We install mailboxes every day, all over SE Wisconisn. Nothing has changed except that I no longer have an expensive showroom. 

The phone number is (262)366-5959 and text messages are the quickest way to receive a response from me. You may also e-mail me at barb@mailboxsuperstore.com.

People need to be treated the same way I expect to be treated,” is the simple mission statement and “There is no such thing as a dumb question."


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Marvelous Mailboxes & More